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DBA’s knowledge and experience in identifying and providing solutions for subsurface conditions and their impact to existing and proposed site development give us a unique perspective for the identification and mitigation of environmental risks.

Our environmental consulting services are targeted to land owners and prospective land owners who are concerned with identifying and correcting suspected or known contamination on their properties, or those in need of assistance in complying with the complex list of State and Federal environmental regulations.

Our services are designed to:

  • Evaluate properties prior to purchase as required by developers and lending institutions
  • Assess sites for surface and subsurface toxic material contamination
  • Define the type and extent of contamination
  • Recommend proper remedial action
  • Qualify client as an “innocent Purchaser”, thereby providing a legal mechanism through SARA, shielding the client from responsibility for unforeseen environmental problems
  • Assess degree of contamination created by previous industries
  • Evaluate potential financial liability created by existing contamination
  • Provide a spectrum of services to assist clients in legal and proper site mitigation
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