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DBA provides a complex range of geologic and hydrogeologic services offering the highest possible level of expertise.

Our team of geologic, hydrogeologic and soils experts is equipped to perform evaluation of sites, before or after purchase, and the field testing required to obtain state or local permits.

We perform hydrogeologic investigations for facilities ranging from single family water supplies to large capacity community systems. Our hydrogeologic site investigations include:

  • Ground water supply water feasibility studies
  • Fracture trace analysis
  • Geophysical site characterization
  • Test well installation
  • Short and long term well pumping tests
  • Aquifer analyses
  • Ground water recharge evaluations
  • Water quality testing
  • Safe drinking water act compliance
  • Local, state and regional water supply permitting
  • Monitoring well design and installation
  • Hydrogeologic site characterizations
  • Ground water flow modeling
  • Hydraulic conductivity testing
  • Monitoring well, surface water, soil and materials sampling
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