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Quality control starts with well trained personnel, and a stringent network of engineering support.

At DBA we understand that quality control observation involves more than identifying construction problems. We provide innovative and cost effective solutions. Our team of responsive well trained field technicians has the ability to accurately identify construction problems and provide timely cost effective and practical solutions. Our engineering support staff works closely with the field staff to determine the most effective solution to specific construction problems.

We have established our own in-house laboratory for quality construction materials testing. Soils, Aggregate, Concrete, Masonry, and Fireproofing are tested by our certified lab technicians who perform ASTM standard and ACI standard testing and produce accurate test reports. To ensure continued high quality testing results our laboratory is enrolled in the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory’s inspection program and participates in the biannual laboratory proficiency program.

DBA Field Inspection Staff have ACI and PA DOT NECEPT certification. They regularly provide various special inspection services as outlined in the International Building Code (IBC)

Specific services include:

  • In-situ Density Testing/Compaction Control
  • Field Verification of Foundation Bearing Conditions
  • Fresh Concrete, Grout and Mortar Sampling and Testing
  • Masonry 
  • Field Verification of Reinforcing Steel Placement
  • Concrete Slab Moisture Emission Testing
  • Field Verification of Structural Steel Fabrication and Installation
  • Testing of Structural Steel and Pre-cast Panel Bolted and Welded Connections
  • Field Testing and Sampling of Sprayed on Fireproofing Materials
  • Intumescent Paint Thickness 
  • Floor Flatness and Levelness Testing (FF/FL)
  • Rammed Aggregate Piers 
  • Helical Piles 
  • Driven or Auger Cast Piles 
  • Micro-Piles 
  • Drilled Piers (Caissons)
  • Dynamic Compaction 
  • Reinforced Earth Wall Installation
  • Asphalt Installation 

Specific construction materials laboratory testing services include:

Soil Testing

  • Particle size analysis with or without hydrometer
  • Engineering Classification
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Shrinkage Limits
  • Moisture Density Relationship
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
  • Modulus of Subgrade Reaction
  • Moisture Content
  • Organic Content
  • Static head and falling head permeability
  • Topsoil Nutrient & pH
  • Consolidation
  • Direct Shear
  • Lime Stabilization Feasibility

Concrete, Grout and Mortar Testing

  • Compressive Strength of Concrete
  • Compressive Strength of Grout and Mortar
  • Density of Structural and Non Structural Lightweight Concrete
  • Concrete Beam Flexural Strength
  • Compressive Strength of Gypcrete
  • Hardened Air Content
  • Petrographic Analysis
  • Chloride Content
  • Bulk Specific Gravity

Unit Masonry Testing

  • Absorption
  • Compressive strength of masonry unit
  • Compressive strength of masonry prism
  • Efflorescence

Other Laboratory Services

  • Density of spray applied fireproofing.
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